Friday, September 15, 2006

Do you like my new look

I was up for a change and decided today's rainy day was the day for it.

I'm still trying to dry out after shopping for Christopher's birthday present - of course I try to park a ways away from the door to try to get in some additional walking and when I went in the store there was no sign of rain -- and when I came out -- GOOD LORD the skies had opened up -- by the time I got to my car I looked like I had stood in the shower in my clothes -- I was drenched. After I got in the car I was using tissues to dry my face and my hair a bit to keep it from dripping in my face more. At least my glasses were nice and clean after all of that. I decided it wasn't worth going food shopping since it was a half hour to get home as it was and I would have looked like a refugee from a wet t-shirt contest to boot. I had the heater on full blast in the car and was still freezing by the time I got home.

Anyway I got a cute age proper soft fire truck that makes fire engine sounds if you push on the bumper (but not loud enough to be obnoxious to mom and dad) and DH will get a fire hat that is given out to kids during fire prevention week for Christopher to go with the fire truck. I sure hope he likes it and doesn't have one already.

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Trish said...

Hey...You went all professional like on me when I wasn't looking!

Can a poor girl like me still post here?

hee hee