Monday, June 11, 2007

Yard work continues

we had the irrigation guy stop by yesterday and today hubster went and got all the required parts for that - also ordered a mark out by electric and gas company so no lines get hit. No pictures still - waiting for a grand reveal - maybe when there is actual grass even.

The neighbor must have liked our hedges though because she had had hers done earlier in the year but today they were back and did them to the same height as ours.

We are lucking out on the cost (even though it is still going to run pretty high) because almost everyone we have used (including the company that has the parts for the irrigation) are members of the Fire Department and everyone is giving us breaks...... as annoyed as I can get at the time required for the FD it is a family that helps out when they can. Which shouldn't surprise me because hubster helps everyone out when he is able to also.

Talked to a friend who is a carpenter on how much it would cost to build the shed - if it is anywhere near the cost to have one delivered - I will order one already made and delivered. The company that does them does a good job but they are pretty expensive. So I will figure in time to get it done also.

Can you tell I want this done with lawnmowers in the shed so it will never end up the way it was again.

On the knitting front - my 4th of July socks are coming along slowly because I am also doing a bag as a knit along with one of my knitting circles - but the cotton ribbon in that is beating up my hands. Plus I had to rip it out as we decided that it should be done in smaller needles to make it stretch less when done.


zippiknits said...

Congrats on your socks getting done even if slowly. And the yard and garden is getting exciting! I'm sooo happy for you Rho.

Is the cotton ribbon stiff edged? Is it scratching up your hands or just making them sore?

Tomorrow night can't come soon enough. Thanks for your post on my blog.

Stealing the Dog/cat quiz =0) You have the most fun things in the way of quizzes.

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

So when do we get to see a picture of the 4th July socks?

And on the backyard: it seems such a huge job, what on earth are you going to have to think about when it's finally DONE?

(P.S. Is Rich likely to be involved in the moose-hunting season? If so, can I have some steak?)

Gill said...

Hi Rho - thanks for missing me :)
I'm looking forward to your garden pictures.

Gill said...

Help yourself to the list - it might be useful for people to see :)