Sunday, June 18, 2006

sock progress

Well, I am up to the toe on my first sock and my toe class is Wed. so I put that sock on some smaller needles (since I don't have any stitch keepers yet) and started another pair on the longer needles - What a difference in the yarns - the Regia Strato Color is very splitty to me.

It is a little hard to see the second little cuff so I put it on the pillow because when it was on the chair it just about disappeared -- The colors are off a bit the chair is a darker blue and the little pillow is navy blue and the new sock cuff is deep gray, light gray, beige - I think it was the flash bleaching the colors out a bit.

Socks may be my summer knitting since you can knit without having anything draping over your lap - that will be grand in 90 degree weather with 80% humidity and no air conditioning. So by fall maybe I will have a nice sock wardrobe!


Trish said...

Knitting socks in a comfy new chair sounds like the best way to stay out of the summer sun.

That sock is looking good!

Zippianna said...

You are going to be so comfortable that it will be hard to stay awake! What a beautiful new knitting "spot". Is that the newest sock?

Hope it isn't getting too hot.. we are cooling down a little on this coast.